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When did August get here?  I was swimming, figuratively, along in the calm and balmy waters of July when suddenly, it’s August!  Back to school sales are in full throat, football practice has started, and rain comes in buckets, very large buckets. In the month of August we are supposed to celebrate with National Days honoring beer, girlfriends, underwear, fresh breath, left handers, bad poetry, senior citizens, the tooth fairy among other things.  Make your own choices and pick your parties.  Speaking of parties…

We have a lot of cool stuff going on here this month, but before we get into the new stuff a quick review is in order.

  Last week 24 neighbors enjoyed a beautiful cruise down the St. John’s River and a nice lunch at the Blackwater Inn.  I have heard good reports on the margaritas as well as bread pudding and key lime pie.  Go to the Greenbriar website to see pictures of the fun.  Heck, just go to the website, you never know what webmaster Russ might have posted out there for you to view

Coming up very shortly, as in Monday, August 5, is Mimosa Monday.  That event is hosted by Chris and Nancy Krabbe at 9:30 at the Krabbe residence (17461 Cottonwood).  Chris and Nancy will provide the juices and trimmings for Bloody Marys, and Mimosas; you just need to bring the Champagne or other alcohol.  Also, please bring a breakfast dish to share.  This event is a fun way to get your day and week started.

A bit further into August, on the 19th we will have the Himalayan Putting contest at Palmer Country Club.  The putting starts at 11:00 am and lunch is at 1:00 pm.  Please let Marcea know if you will be putting and eating or just eating by August 14th.  If you have not tried this Himalayan putting thing, it is a lot of fun and pretty challenging.  Hopefully by holding this event earlier in the day we can avoid the thunderstorms, lightning strikes, monsoons, tornadoes and hurricanes which seem to blow through here every afternoon.

There is more fun stuff in the planning and development stage for August but national security issues prevent me from releasing any details at this point.  If you really need to know check Wiki Leaks or your nearest Russian diplomat.

Ardie tells me that there will not be a ladies luncheon in August due to the disruptive behavior and general rowdiness of this group in previous months.  Perhaps if the ladies take some time to reflect on their conduct, the luncheons will resume nest month. 

August Drink of the Month: The Mimosa.In honor of the shindig being hosted by the Krabbes on the 5th, the drink for August almost has to be the Mimosa.  Pretty simple pour equal parts Champagne or other sparkling wine and orange juice into a glass.  You can either chill your beverages or serve it on the rocks; it just needs to be cold.  Variations include grapefruit juice or most any citrus juice you might choose.

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