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JULY 2021

Happy 4th of July weekend.  Hard to believe our republic got started only 245 years ago.  Equally hard to believe is that our Bi-Centennial celebration in 1976 was 45 years ago.  That makes me….old.  Not that there weren’t some other signs of that.  Continuing along the hard to believe path is our year of recovery from Covid is now more than half over.  Christmas is less than 6 months away and I’m sure someone around here knows exactly how many shopping days are left.  Something which has always puzzled me is that in a community of such flag-waving patriotism we have no fireworks.  I wonder why?  Are we too old for loud noises?  Not supposed to be up after 9:00 pm?  I guess it is OK because we have plenty of other ways to celebrate our nation’s birth.  Here in America’s snarkiest hometown, we have the Time-worn Twirlers, Superannuated Cheerleaders, the Botox Belly Dancers as well as the Golf Cart Drill team performing their death-defying maneuvers (almost as scary as our daily round about adventures) and Gerry and the Geezers appearing nightly on stage at one square or the other. 

Later this month we can celebrate numerous occasions.  Oops, we missed Canada Day, July 1st.  My apologies to our Canadian friends. Bastille Day is July 14th  and that commemorates the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution.  World Emoji Day is on the 17th and the 27th brings us to “Take Your Plants for a Walk Day”.  I did not make those up.  The 28th is “Hug a Stop Sign Day”, the 29th is “Be kind to your big toe day” and the 30th is National Anti-Chafing Day”, so powder or lube up those thighs before you go on a hike.  We end the month of July with the always popular and traditional National Heffalump Day.  If you are not a fan of A.A. Milne and his Winnie the Pooh characters, you may have to look up that one.  Oh, and just in case you wondered, I might have made up a few of those last ones.

Around the hood:

Thank you to Bob and Blair Mondor for organizing the extraordinarily successful Wild Bill’s Boat ride.  I have it on good authority that absolutely no one fell overboard, and all made it safely to dinner at Cedar River Seafood in Inverness.

Here are a few things to look forward to in Greenbriar:

July 1:  Marble Chase

July 3: Bocce Ball

July 10:  Ladies Luncheon at Prima Steakhouse in Brownwood.  There was a great turnout last month so join the fun and  try out the newest venue of the Suleiman family (Lopez, Havana etc.).  You need to make reservations with Ardie Langley (352-626-7145) by July 8th. 

July 22:  Marble Chase

August 3:  Painting with Kay.  This is a new event in which a local artist, Kay, will instruct us, in a step-by-step manner to create a finished painting to take home.  The event will take place at Chatham Rec Center and the cost will be $30.  Call Angie at 586-945-8335 if you want to reserve a space.

August 20:  Tour of the Howie Mansion in Howie-in the Hills.  $20 gets you a one- hour tour through this amazing 7,188 square foot Mediterranean Revival Style home.  We could carpool or rent a motorcoach to pick us up in Greenbriar.  Get in touch with Angie, by August 1st  if you are interested.

September 28:  GBSC brings you a game show night featuring I’ve Got a Secret.” Remember watching Steve Allen, Gary Moore, Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Jayne Meadows, Harry Morgan, and Bess Myerson, and trying to figure out why these people are celebrities?  This fun evening will take place at the Chatham Rec Center at 6:30.

October 17: Annual Block Party

November 23:  GBSC meeting at Chatham at 6:30 pm.

December 5:  Greenbriar Social Club Christmas Party at Chatham.

December 10:  A Sinatra Holiday Bash in Winter Park.  Workman Travel is offering this adventure from 9:15 to 6:00.  Transportation and performance will set you back $67.  Tickets are flying, so hurry up and contact Lisa (352-259-9398) at Workman Transportation.  Let her know that you are with Greenbriar Social Club if you sign up online or over the phone.  Angie will field your questions.

February 22:  A murder mystery will be performed  by your neighbors.   Volunteers are needed to be in the cast.  If you are interested contact Ardie Langley at 352-626-7145 or Blair Mondor at 860-402-3990.  There are no lines to learn, no memorization required.  This could be your big break, this could lead to Broadway or even doing commercials for reverse mortgages.  The mystery will have a Mardi Gras theme.  Non-thespian attendees will be encouraged to come in costume.  More details in the coming months. 

Cancelled Events:  We have a few events that have either been cancelled or postponed until a future date. 

Bowling, originally scheduled for July 24.  Another attempt will be made in the fall or winter when more folks are around.

The trip to Hard Rock Casino did not happen due to lack of interest, at least at this point-in-time.

July Cocktail of the month:  Tito’s Red White and Boozy.

The good folks at ABC came up with this concoction.

1.5 ounces of Tito’s Vodka (Hey you could use any old vodka, but Tito’s is distilled in the US of A if you care about such things.)

2 ounces of cranberry Juice

3 ounces of sparkling water

Garnish by tossing a few blueberries and you got yourself a patriotic punch.

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