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September is here and Labor Day weekend is upon us.  What in the name of Samuel Gompers is Labor Day all about?  Is it just the spiritual end of summer?  Or maybe just the time to cease and desist wearing of white clothing (not in Florida!)?  Perhaps an opportunity for mattress and furniture sales?  The beginning of clinical depression for school teachers? It might be one last chance for carnivores to use their grills before autumn leaves and snow flurries chase them into garages.  Though numerous states and municipalities had celebrated Labor Days earlier, Congress passed legislation in 1894 making the first Monday in September a national holiday, recognizing the accomplishments of American workers. 

It has seemed that Florida’s Covid-19 numbers have been improving in recent weeks.  It will be interesting to see how the long weekend impacts the situation. 

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2020 is an election year.  Voter Registration Deadline:

To be able to vote in the general election on November 3, you must register by October 5.

Recent events:

Not to be morbid, but nothing good seems to have happened around here for quite a while.   In addition to the global pandemic Greenbriar has been enduring our own plague of calamities, deaths, illnesses, injuries, and infirmities. I am not going to attempt to list problems or the details of a various individual ailments or losses.  I will let those afflicted spread the word, if they are inclined to do so. Nancy Krabbe of The Caring Bridge may also provide you more information. I will however say that this needs to end. Stop it, just stop it!  Right now! And wishing a speedy recovery to all our inflicted neighbors.

Famous neighbor.

I knew I would see the McCusker name in the paper, I just assumed that it would be Tim snarling traffic with yet another cataclysmic bicycle wreck.  Fortunately, that was not the case.  Recently in our local newspaper/real estate advertisement, we were treated to a frontpage story featuring not one, but two pictures of the lovely Anne McCusker.  Anne, is putting her skills as a nurse to good use as a volunteer at a local clinic which provides much needed medical help to those less fortunate. Nice!

Upcoming Events

Shuffleboard:  First and third Mondays from 6:30 to 8:15 at Mulberry. All you have to do is show up and shuffle.

September 22: Greenbriar Social club will host Alan Ross at a candlelight street party.  Alan will perform for us at the corner of Clifton and Evergreen from 6:30 to 8:30. We had a small sampling of this great entertainer earlier this summer, now we can enjoy the main course.  No charge.  Just bring your drink, chairs, a folding table if you have one, your own food.  GBSC will provide table coverings, luminaries for each table and the entertainment. Wear your mask, socially distance and have some fun.  Please RSVP no later than 9/18 with Marcea.


October 18th: Greenbriar Annual Block Party. Entertainment, food, and friends will highlight this annual event. Food will be provided by Oakwood BBQ.  A DJ will “spin” your favorite tunes.  There will be a Music Era Contest.  Dress in the garb of your favorite decade.  Period dress is optional but sounds like fun.  Roger and Joyce Stewart will be our hosts. Sign up starts on September 25th and ends on October 9th.A signup sheet and drop box for your payment will be on the porch of Roger and Joyce Stewart at 17504 Cottonwood. Cost for both members and guests is $16 per person. RSVP is a must!

The Patriotic Driveway Party will be  November 11, hosted by the Hurst’s and Dawn Bobay in honor of our veterans. Since it is on Veteran’s Day, and it is called the Patriotic Party, we would like to honor our local veterans from right here in Greenbriar.  We are asking our veterans to submit a picture of themselves in their military uniform.  You can drop your picture off in the box on Seimears front porch at 8383 Clifton Place.  Please include your name, phone number and dates of service and where you served.  Deadline for entries is September 30.  Your pictures will be returned once they have been scanned into the computer.  We are going to have a contest to see how many of our neighbors we can identify through their military photos.  The winner will be announced at the party and receive a $20 gift card.

December 15th:  Greenbriar Christmas Party. Like many things and events, at this time, we just don’t know. Presently the rec centers are closed to group events.  We are still hopeful that things will have improved enough that we can have this great holiday bash.

September Cocktail of the month: Kamikaze.

1.5 oz vodka

1 oz lime juice

1 oz triple sec (or other orange flavored liquor)

Lime wedge for garnish

Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.  Shake, then pour into a chilled cocktail glass.

Thankfully, only 4 months left in 2020!

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