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Happy New Year.  Thanks to everyone for promptly cleaning up the reindeer poop and ceasing the playing and singing of Christmas carols.  Look, I love the Christmas Season, but if I have to hear about folks dressed up like Eskimos and five golden rings one more time, I may lose it.  Perhaps best of all, Burl Ives has vanished from our lives for the next 10 months or so.

Stepping away from our social club for just a moment I have an important note from neighbor and friend Russ Jones regarding recreational opportunities in our end of The Villages. Please read and heed Russ’s advice.

Friends and neighbors,

Please put January 7 on your calendar to look out for the survey (see below) that will be our last opportunity to advocate for Platform Tennis Courts in the north end of The Villages.  We have attended AAC meetings, written letters, spoke one on one expressing the desire to make the wonderful sport of Platform Tennis more accessible to ALL of the residents of The Villages, not just those that reside south of 466.   If you don't know, the nearest set of courts are located at the Sea Breeze Recreation Center (the others are at Eisenhower, Rohan, and planned construction near Fenney).  Make your voice heard and let's make this a reality!

The Amenity Authority Committee wants to receive input from residents and Resident Lifestyle Volunteer Groups for both internal and external recreation center features, such as meeting space, storage, restrooms, facility enhancements, type of pool and other considerations for the property located at the First Baptist Church, 16985 SE 79th Clearview Ave. in The Villages.

The survey will be posted online on Jan. 7 at and will be available at all recreation centers. 

Russ Jones

Before we focus on 2019, we owe 2018 a quick glance in the rearview mirror.   Thank you to Marcea and Steve Seimears for hosting a fabulous Christmas Party.  Also, we are most appreciative of the efforts of our cooks, Mary Zeigler, Janet Lowary, and Dawn Bobay, and the set-up crew of Jolan Theile, Angie Corbeil, Nancy Krabbe, Katie and Jim Caldwell and Martie Nichols.  I hope I did not leave anyone out. 

The food was great, the décor spectacular and the company and comradery was what makes Greenbriar so special.  Then with time running out on 2018 the Bobays hosted their annual open house.  Poor Dawn not only had to care for the one-armed Chuck but prep for and host a wonderful party.  Watch out in 2019 as Chuck has more new parts than the Bionic Man.

Glancing back just a bit further we need to mention the Murder Mystery Party.  This event drew rave reviews and all in attendance seemed to have a great time.  Thank you Ardie and cast on a fantastic job.  It seems we have a lot more thespians in our neighborhood than one would have suspected. Who knew?

The popular Marble Chase is returning.  Play will take place on the first and 4th Thursday each month from 6:30 to 9:00 at the Mulberry Rec Center. This event will continue on those dates through April.

Our first event of 2019 will be a Night of Trivia hosted by our very own Russ Jones.  Russ tells us that the format will be similar to that used at the Oasis Pool Bar last year and presently at Cody’s.  If you haven’t been attending those events, not to worry, the format is very easy to follow and encourages a lot of collaboration and teamwork, just like our US Congress. The event will be held at the Chatham Rec Center on Tuesday January 29th, starting at 6:30 pm.

I must warn you, I know a lot of trivia. In fact, Janet tells me that most everything I know is trivial.  The only problem is I can never remember any of it.

Bring a snack to share with your table and your drink of choice.  Speaking of drinks:

January Drink of the MonthDark and Stormy

Fill a tall glass with ice

Pour in a healthy shot or more of dark rum

Top with Ginger Beer

Garnish with a lime slice if you are feeling fancy.

Or as the artist Pink so eloquently stated, “Don’t be fancy, just get dancy!”


Yes, I know it is still November, but there are extenuating circumstances.   I am in Ohio.  I am cold. The events of last Saturday have put me in a deliriously happy mood.  It must be Christmas.  The stores, the home decorations, the weather say it must be Christmas. Who am I to refute the obvious.  So, consider this your:

Special Christmas Edition

OK, if it is Christmas it must be time to get ready for theGreenbriar Christmas Party

Here are the basics:  Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 11th. This stellar event will be at the Chatham Rec Center starting at 6:30. Entertainment will be provided by Broadway and Beyond. The party will be hosted by Steve and Marcea Seimears.

Now, here are the details: Cost is $8 for members of the Greenbriar Social Club. Cost for guests will be $11.  Checks should be made out to Greenbriar Villas Social Club.

On the porch at the Seimears home (8383 Clifton) you will find slips of paper.  On these slips of paper indicate your choice of entrée along with your name and payment.  Payment is due by December 8.

Your entrée choices will be beef, chicken, or fish.     

The remainder of the meal will be potluck.

Are you still paying attention?  Here is what to bring:  If your last name begins with A-B bring an appetizer.  C-G bring a potato or rice dish. H-M bring a dessert.  N-Z bring a salad or vegetable.

Entertainment: Broadway and Beyond will provide our entertainment for the evening.  The group consists of 4 singers and a keyboardist. Singing, comedy, dancing, maybe even lions, giraffes, hot air balloons or fireworks are all possible.   We will also have a decorated Christmas scene for taking holiday photographs of you and your date or group.  There will be a person with a camera to assist or you can use your phone to commemorate this fun evening. 

The suggested dress is “Christmas Comfortable”.  I am disappointed to have learned that this does not mean pajamas.

Speaking of Christmas; I’m sure you have noticed the beautiful huge Christmas wreaths decorating the entrance to our neighborhood. Thank you to Katie Caldwell and Mary Johns for their efforts and decorating expertise.

Looking a bit further into our holiday calendar we have the Bobay Holiday Open House on Friday, December 28 from 4:30-7:00.  Just bring an appetizer.  Chuck and Dawn are graciously providing the drinks.

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