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Happy New Year!  Wow!  Hard to imagine 2021 is history already.  All through the disaster which was 2020 we looked forward to 2021.  Then the new year came to us, and I have to say it was a bit of a disappointment.  Despite the availability of effective vaccines, we still are struggling against a pandemic.  So, let’s look ahead in the hope that rational behavior prevails and we do better in 2022.  One thing I have learned from over eight years of living in The Villages is that nothing, and I mean nothing matters more than your health.  So, let’s take care of ourselves!

Here a few things to look forward to in 2022:  the Winter Olympics start on February 4.  The College Football Playoff championship game will be played  in Indianapolis on Monday night, January 10.  The Super Bowl is February 13 in Los Angeles.  The halftime show this year will feature The Villages favorites, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar.  The World Cup will happen in November if anyone cares.

Questions to ponder in 2022:

  • Your new light weight golf shirts have fabric which wicks away the moisture.  Where does it go?  Is there some huge sweat repository in North Dakota? 
  • Is it true cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?
  • What do they call French kissing in France?
  • If tomatoes are a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?
  • In the word ‘scent’ which letter is silent? S or C?

Looking Back:

About 64 neighbors attended the annual Holiday party.  Many thanks to Don & Jolan Thiele along with Phil & Carol Pettina for organizing the “Magic of Christmas”.  Mike Palma entertained us with magic tricks and comedy with the help of some of our neighbors. He brought Buddy and Santa for the ventriloquism part of the show.  Lots of laughs were had by all.  Much appreciation to those who contributed the scrumptious desserts!

Thank you to Ardie Langley for arranging the ladies luncheon at Ivy’s on the Square in Ocala!  Also, thanks to all of you who purchased the gifts distributed by the SoZo organization to the children living in the Ocala Forest!

Upcoming events:

Wednesday, January 5th and 12th - 10:00 am Line Dancing Lessons.  The dance lessons  continue on the Cunningham’s lanai with Ginger Bressler & Pat Wilson instructing and music provided by Russ Jones.

Saturday, January 8th - 11:30 am Ladies luncheon. If you have any questions call Ardie at 352-626-7145.

Friday, January 14th - 5:00 pm Cocktails at the Tiki Bar.

We will have an informal gathering at the Tiki Bar at Oxford Downs (located on Hwy 301 south of 42).  This is an interesting place.  As you go down the drive you will wonder what you are doing there.  Then you see a large paved and very well-lit parking lot.  Past the entrance there is a large poker room, and off-track pari mutual racing from tracks all over the country.  Out the back door you will find the large deck and tiki bar overlooking what could loosely be described as a racetrack.  Actually, it is a pretty nice view.  You can sit under the tiki roof or out on the deck.  You will definitely know you are outside of The Villages, which can be a good thing once in a while.

Tuesday, January 25th - 6:30 pm

Monthly GBSC meeting at Chatham rec center featuring a Western/Country theme and a chili cook-off.  Dig out those Cowboy hats, western shirts, vests, boots and join us for a chili potluck with all the fixings.  Angie needs about four volunteers to make chili.  Text 586-945-8335.  Disposable gloves will be provided to wear while going thru the buffet line.  Neighbors and guests attending need to bring cornbread, coleslaw, OR toppings!  We are working on providing some country music to kick up our boots.

Membership Dues. Dues in 2022 are $10 per person and will be collected at the January meeting.  No dues were collected in 2021 for obvious reasons.  Please pay your dues promptly and help keep your social club a solvent club. 

Money Matters:  Speaking of being solvent, treasurer, Jim Caldwell reports that we have a bank balance of $609.64 as of the end of December.

GBSC Website: If you are new or if you have forgotten, here are the instructions for our GVSC where you can find lots of information and pictures of some of our activities. website instructions:

-Click on any of the light green tabs at very top

-username: greenbriar

-password: villas

MUST use all lower-case letters!!!

DO NOT need to sign in or register!!!

Looking down the road at some future events:

Feb 5th-Polynesian Luau & Fire Show

Workman bus trip to Daytona Beach for Polynesian Luau & Fire Show including dinner $89.

Feb 19th-Wine tasting with dinner at nearby Whispering Oaks Winery.  We will carpool to the location.  Entertainment begins at 6:00.  There is a sit-down dinner available.  Details will be forthcoming.  Please let Angie know if you are interested so she can make reservations for our group. 

Feb 22nd-Mardi Gras Murder Mystery.  The cast of characters will be your neighbors and you, the audience, will be the sleuths.  Get into the spirit of the evening and dress in Mardi Gras attire with hats and beads etc.

March 20th-Bus trip to Tampa Bay Downs.  Note the change in date.

March 22nd-GBSC Horse Racing.  See the real thoroughbreds in our neighborhood with our version of horse racing at the indoor track at Chatham rec center.  Details to follow but bets will be taken for six of your neighbors who will trot around the track based on the throw of the dice.  This is a must attend event!

We are seeking a Volunteer to organize a fishing charter excursion.  Contact Angie.  


Cocktail of the month:  You’ve been drinking too much over the holidays, so we are taking  the month off.  Sobriety can be OK if you don’t get carried away.

Recurring Events:

Marble Chase at Mulberry:  Nancy Krabbe 513-295-5531 (first and fourth Thursday of each month)

Bocce and lunch:  Gabe DeRosa (first Saturday of the month) 352-751-0872

Ladies luncheon:  Ardie Langley 352-626-7145

Monday Ladies Golf (Executive courses): Carol Frey 404-862-1219

Thursday Ladies Golf (Executive courses): Marcea Seimears 509-220-1344

Thursday Men’s Golf (Championship courses): Don Thiele 724-352-0757

Wednesday Men’s Golf (Executive courses): Tim McCusker 585-314-3899

Couples Golf (Executive courses, every other Friday): Mike and Janet Lowary 614-580-2563

Off-campus Golf (Championship courses):  Steve and Marcea Seimears 509-220-1344. This entails playing 9 holes of championship golf at one of the many fine, nearby, non-Villages courses such as Eagles Ridge, Juliette Falls, and others.  The golf is usually followed by a casual dinner at the course or a nearby venue.

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