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APRIL 2019

Please note that it is April and I have spared you the nonsense of April Fool’s jokes. Or might it be that I may just be running behind schedule this month and have not been able to get this magniloquent publication to you until just now?  You figure it out.

The month of April has a lot going for it.  Not only do we have Easter and the true arrival of spring weather up north, we have a bunch of days honoring among other things, the burrito, beer, the zipper, animal crackers (as a vegetarian, I don’t think I’m allowed to partake).  Also, in April is ex-spouse day, Winston Churchill day, and of course ferret day.  I did not make up these things.

Last month we saw a big crowd of friends and neighbors attend the Night at the Races event which was led in expert fashion by Rich and Carol Frey.  Also, a shout out goes to the band of helpers who sold your pari-mutual tickets cashed your winners, rolled the dice and otherwise did the behind the scenes things which made the event such a success.

Thank you to Donn and Marlene Cunningham for hosting their annual St. Patrick’s Day blowout. 

Looking ahead to our April event.  Connie Anderson and Paul Schultz will be leading our annual Golf Cart Poker Run and Chili Cook-off on Tuesday, April 23.  I will send out the details and instructions as the date approaches.  What you need to know at this point is as follows:  RSVP to Connie Anderson at 810-923-7627 if you are participating in the Poker Run.  Connie will also need to know if you are partaking in the Chili Cook-off.  We will need chili, chili fixin’s, salads and desserts.  Bring your own adult beverages.  Your social club will provide coffee and iced tea, plates, bowls, and napkins as usual.

Also, in April Stan and Jo Marshall will be hosting a Rum Swizzle Sunset Cocktail Party on Tuesday, April 16th from 6:00 - 9:00PM.  That event will, of course, feature lots of Stan’s incomparable rum swizzles.  If you want to drink something else, bring it.  Otherwise, the Marshalls are providing the swizzles and finger food for all.  Please bring a chair because this event will be held poolside.  Please RSVP to or by telephone 352-751-6401 no later than by April 11th.

The Ladies Luncheon will not take place in April but will return to your calendar in May.  Stay tuned for details.

Mark your calendars for the “Justice Party” hosted by the Dankerts on May 15th at 5:00 PM.  Additional information will be provided soon.

Bob Schroeter says your dues are due and he means it.  Dues are now $8 per person.  If you are one of our seasonal residents, please pay up before you head north. You do not want to find an angry Bob Schroeter on your porch with his hand out at your summer domicile.  Dues can be paid at the April meeting or you can contact Bob and make other arrangements. Email Bob at:    and he will deliver your badge to you. 

Congratulations and Thank you.

Last, but anything but least I would like to offer a congratulations to our new officers.  Angie Corbeil will be our new Vice President and Marcea Seimears will assume the Presidency of your social club.  Thank you, ladies, for stepping up and serving our community.  Finally, I would like to thank our outgoing President, Janet Lowary, and Vice President Nancy Krabbe for a job done extremely well over the course of the last two years. The Greenbriar Social Club is a better organization thanks to your efforts.

April Drink of the Month: The Madras.

Combine vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice in a tall glass with ice, stir and drink.   Don’t get all serious about the ratios.  Just start with a healthy shot of good vodka, mix in OJ and cran to taste.  Try it.  If you need to adjust do so on the second drink or maybe the third.  Just make it pretty and tasty. 

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