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February 19, 2016


Augusta has The Masters, Britain has The Open, we, in The Villages, have the Men’s Greenbriar Cup.  This titanic struggle between the Green Team and the Yellow team will take place on 3 consecutive Tuesdays starting March 15, followed by the 22nd and finally the 29th.  The battle for neighborhood golf supremacy will be played at Walnut Grove with tee times around 1:00 pm.  If you would like to secure your spot in this epic match contact Donn Cunningham at 352-250-5346 or

February 3, 2016

Below is an important communiqué from Jim Stickel, our CCD representative.  In the future all “service” and district information from Jim will be sent out separately from the Greenbriar Social Club.  Please see the bottom of this email for details and instructions on how to receive emails from Jim.


Road Paving

On February 3rd, the District #4 supervisors ("board") will be in a workshop headed by Kisinger, Campos & Associates (KCA) to develop a plan to repave the roads in District#4 (our district). As some of you know, because we live in Marion County, we are responsible for our road maintenance, Sumter and Lake county are not. Because of the way the roads inside the Villa neighborhoods were designed - they have an inverted crown so water drains to the middle of the road, these roads wear out quicker than if they drained off the edges. They were built that way to reduce the cost of auxiliary sewers. A few years ago, the board through the District Property Management department, hired KCA to develop a plan to repair and replace the roads in our district. The study is now complete and the board is moving into an action plan. I had hoped to attend the workshop, however, I have a conflict with another group (Vision Improvement Group - VIP) and since I'll likely be an officer, I feel compelled to attend their meeting. The results of the workshop will be discussed in the February District #4 meeting. The full report is on-line at the District #4 website (see CDD listing in the Villages web site) for those who are interested. For those who are not, I'll try and summarize.


 The time has come to pay the piper. There are over 43 miles of roads in District #4 that need work. To date, they've been patched, rejuvenated, and fogged (remember the stinky spray that was put down a couple of years ago) but now they've got to be rebuilt. KCA recommends a standard procedure to do the job (called milling and overlay) and because age deterioration has resulted in the roads' rating falling from good to fair (standards exist to rate that stuff) and heading toward poor, the work needs to be done beginning now and completing in 2020. That's where Greenbriar comes into the picture.


The District #4 bill for all the road work is estimated to be $3.66M. The assessments are non ad-valorem (means that every household is charged the same amount) and the Greenbriar cost will be $117K (that would be about $1K/ Greenbriar household if it was assessed as ad-valorem but it's not, thank goodness). That's the 2nd highest cost among the 18 Villa neighborhoods, Sherwood is the highest at $122K and Legacy is lowest at $31K. Because of the inverse crown, the Villa roads deteriorate faster than the homesite roads. So we're 2nd most expensive of the most expensive class of roads. KCA recommends that we spread the expense to the District over 5 years. We're looking at ~$750K/yr...the actual $ and how they will be assessed will be the subject at the District #4 meeting on February 12th. I do plan to attend that meeting and I'll know more about the price tag at that point. Also, KCA has Greenbriar scheduled to be resurfaced in 2020....I don't know whether that's good or bad for us and I'd like to get your input. Because Greenbriar will be expensive they've staggered us from Sherwood (they're scheduled, tentatively, to be done this year) so that the cost can be spread out. I'd like to argue that we should not be at the end of the line but - in all fairness, I understand the stagger and in 2020 we'll have a new road compared to Sherwood's who'll be 5 years old at that point - let me know how you feel. 


Jim Stickel

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